A quick drawing as you wish!
Degree of elaboration: lineart, b / w drawing


After ordering, please send additional reference material or descriptions to melanie-schober@gmx.at if necessary!

You will usually receive the finished picture within 2 days (if it takes longer, I'll let you know!).

Please understand that corrections are not possible for logistical reasons.



  • - OC's (own and third-party)
  • - Nudity, sex and erotic
  • Blood, injuries


  • - Gore
  • - Furries / dragons / animals
  • - machines / mechas
  • - very special sexual fetishes
  • - Manga portraits of real people


ATTENTION! It is a DIGITAL PRODUCT that is delivered by email!


Quick Commission (Lineart)

  • Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to set the shipping costs to 0 for digital products that are not delivered until later. Therefore, these will be refunded to you manually after the order. For bank transfers, please simply omit the shipping costs. THANK YOU! : D

  • By ordering erotic material you confirm that you are 18 years of age or older!