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196 pages , A5, thereof 182 pages b/w and 14 in color
Softcover , perfect binding
Including free A5 postcard of the cover motif (300g chrome cardboard high-gloss UV varnish refined) as a pre-order bonus! :>

ATTENTION: The illustration is a SYMBOL PICTURE (but the finished book looks exactly the same ᕕ (ᐛ) ᕗ
Volume 3 of the Personal Paradise Spinoff "black & blue".


"Gorou Stein feels like a piece of the puzzle that doesn't belong anywhere. Equipped with uncanny mutant powers and plagued by dark thoughts, he wants to put an end to his life. But he did the math without Derek Bennett, who prevented it at the last moment! Gorous his life so far is over anyway. Derek draws him into the world of mutants, which is full of adventure, sex, but also violence and crime. "

black & blue Volume 3 PREORDER (shipping)

VAT Included
  • German

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